15th Sundary Ordinary Time Year B

The small town of Lytton, British Columbia, Canada was in World News broadcasts this last week.

The town, with a population of no more than 250, recorded Canada’s highest ever temperature, and then within 24 hours of this recording the town was engulfed in a wildfire and destroyed.

The town’s residents had no more than a fifteen-minute warning to leave their homes.

With such little notice, what would you take from your home?

The response of each of us will no doubt be very personal, and, more than likely very different.

Spend a moment and consider what you would take, and what you would leave behind?

I, personally, had a somewhat similar situation as a result of the 7.1 earthquake which hit the city of Christchurch on the 4th September, 2010.

The home I was living in was a 100-year-old two-story brick structure, and after the assessment was deemed unsafe to be lived in.

As a consequence, I, and those I lived with were told to leave the residence.

What does one pack, and what does one leave behind?

What are essential to who I am as a person?

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