17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Jimmy and Joe were the best of friends.

They first met when they started school together and now, after four years, were still happy in each other’s company.

Most lunchtime they would sit together and eat their sandwiches before heading off to join the other boys in the playground.

One lunchtime as Jimmy say down next to Joe, he noticed that Joe looked a little glum.

“What is the matter?” Jimmy asked.

“I left my lunch at home!” said Joe.

“That is ok, you can have one of mine,” said Jimmy, as he took his sandwiches out of the paper bag and laid them on the seat between them.

Now Jimmy usually had Vegemite sandwiches, or sometimes jam, however, the jam was what Jimmy called ‘wet’ which meant the sandwiches were kinda soggy by lunchtime.

Today, Jimmy knew there was a surprise.

One of the sandwiches had ham inside!

There was a little ham leftover from the night before, enough for one ham sandwich.

While Jimmy liked his Vegemite sandwiches, nothing could beat ham between two pieces of fresh bread with a little spread of mayonnaise!

“Are you sure?” inquired Joe.

“Sure, I am sure,” replied Jimmy.

And so, Joe picked up a sandwich and took a bite.

“Yummy!” cried Joe, “ham!”

Jesus said to Philip, “where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?” (Jn. 6:5)

The image is of a 5th C floor mosaic found in the Church of the Multiplication at Tabgha, on the northwest coast of the Sea of Galilee.


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